Holt Friendly Home, LLC - Dignified, Compassionate Care for Your Loved One
Program Statement
1.  Facility Objective:
     A. To provide 24 hour care for 12 (licensed capacity) Aged, 
         Mentally ill and Developmentally Disabled men and women.
     B. To provide daily assistance with personal hygiene, meals, laundry, medication
         management and transportation when needed.
     C. To provide a safe and secure environment for all who reside.
     D. To allow residents to go on outings, attend social activities, attend church or go to 
         workshop or program if applicable.  To provide and treat each resident with dignity,
         respect and privacy.
2.  Health Services:
     A. All residents of the home will continue their medical and dental care with a 
         physician / dentist of their choice.  Annual physicals are required.
     B. Guardians, families, CMH caseworkers and staff will transport residents to 
              *Staff will provide a copy of their valid drivers license and current automobile
     C. All staff will follow doctors orders and dispense medications only as directed by a 
     D. Staff is certified in First Aid and CPR.  
3.  Staffing:
     A. Staffing ratio will be sufficient and followed per licensing rules. 
     B. All staff will be CPR and First Aid certified.
     C. Staff will be trained for medication management.
     D. Staff will meet all requirements per licensing rules.
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