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We LOVE fruit! And we might be a little fruity :)

Fresh fruit available at all times!

Our newly remodeled Kitchen

All of our homemade meals are prepared here!

The Kitchen

Updated and Remodeled

Looking from the foyer to the sitting room.

The Kitchen

Dining Room - These are some older images of the dining room. I have added new.

This is also the area that our activities take place.

Our Dining Room

This is where all of our HOMEMADE meals are served. No cafeteria food here!

dining Room in 2019

Dining Room in 2019

I love all of the welcome signs on the wall!

Our "Salon"

Our hairdresser comes in every four to five weeks.

The foyer

We have two private rooms and a bathroom in this area.

One of our newly remodeled bedrooms

This is an older image. I have added new.

Gentlemen's semi-private

One of only two semi-private rooms

One of our three bathrooms.

Two bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. All have grab bars.

One of three showers. This being our busiest. We have a shower aid come in three times a week, so everyone stays squeaky clean!

All of our showers are handicap accessible.

This is a more recent image of the same bathroom.

The previous pictures were about nine years ago, and this is current. Just to show that we maintain a nice home.

Another private room that someone has made their own.

Holt Friendly has eight private bedrooms

One of eight private rooms

Another cozy, private room that someone has made home.

Ladies, semi-private room - 2013

This has been changed a little bit. I have added new updated pictures.

Ladies semi-private room 2020

Not much has changed because this room has had at least one occupant since we purchased the home in 2009. I did add a privacy screen to both semi-private rooms.

Bathroom number 2

This is our largest bathroom

Bathroom number 2

It also has the larges shower. All of our showers are walk-in.

Bathroom number 3

This is our smallest bathroom, located down off the kitchen. Generally shared by two residents.

Bathroom number 3

This bathroom has a shower, but it is much smaller.

A private room located off the living area.

Our residents make their rooms their own, changing decor and bedding.

My favorite private bedroom!

One of our largest.

This room is located down in the entry by the hair station. It is perfect for someone looking to be a bit more independent.

This is another private room that is located off the living room. This is also one of our larger rooms.

This picture is several years old. I have added new images.

2020. New image of private room located off the living room

2020. A different View

Living Room

Newly remodeled with new leather chairs

Our huge living room!

Residents like to gather here to watch Me TV and TV land :)

Our living room is newly remodeled. We are still waiting on new carpet, but it's coming soon.

We just purchased all new leather recliners for the living room. Some are power and others are manual.

Sitting room

This is the view of the sitting room from the living room

The antique desk

One of my favorite pieces of furniture in the home. And I will say, I LOVE the cow!

The piano

This was donated by a wonderful family that we had the pleasure of knowing

Our family tree

The sitting room

Residents enjoy visiting with staff while they prepare meals. Our visiting nurses also use this space when they are here.

The Office and pantry

From the office, we can see in to the living room, we also have two doors in the office in case we need to get to someone quick

Who doesn't love a dog!!

With permission of course, this is my dog Jax sitting on Nickies lap. The residents here love it when Jax comes to work.

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