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Thank you so much or everything you do for Janet! I appreciate more than you know. You really are an angel. :)


Dear Timi,

Thank you for making my new home comfortable and pleasant. Special diet etc. It's all appreciated very much. I'm well taken care of for my "special" needs. All your girls are great and I feel "special". I enjoy your twins and look forward to their visits."

Thank you so much, Love Betty


"Thank you for HFCH. You and your staff do a great job with the most difficult issues. I know you cared about our mom and that made it good to know she was well taken care of."

Thanks, Missi

Dear Timi and your sweet family

Thank you for giving me such a warm- comfortable place to spend my days. I could not handle it alone anymore, and you gave me "the best place".

I appreciate all the time and care you put into feeding us well and all the "extras" you do for our lives.

It is a joy for us "Gramma's" to share your adorable firls. We need their sweet laughter and their presence to remind us of our own (no longer babies).

I wish you a great new year and happy times



"To all the staff and friends mom made during her stay with you, Diane and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Tom & Diane

"Our mom was living in this home for 3 months until she passed away. She received wonderful and compassionate care. When hospice was called the girls at the home were so wonderful working with hospice. We were thrilled with the care she received. If she couldn't be home anymore this was the next best thing. Its hard to leave your home at 92 years of age but this was as close to home as one could get."


"Thank you very much for showing us your care facility and taking the time to speak with us. We have decided (for now at least) to keep grandma in her home. We will keep you in mind and would recommend your home to anyone. It felt very warm, welcoming, homey, clean and friendly."

"Best of luck with future remodeling...What you've done looks awesome."

"Should our circumstances change, we may be in touch."

Thank You Again,


So Loving and so appreciated! Thank You. Words cannot begin to express our heart felt feelings of what you all have done for our loved one...Mary! Your caring, love, your support. Your caregiving was way beyond expectations, and for this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I pray that the good lord above will bless each and every one of you for it!! Thank you again for everything,

With Love,

Dawn H. and family

Dear Timi,

Words cannot express how grateful I am having you provide a home for people such as dad. He seemed to be quite "at home" while there. It definitely helped me to regroup for what was ahead.

Thanks so much for your dedicated staff. They are great!


Linda S.


Thank you for being so accommodating for Alecia and her family. She was very excited to be moving into your AFC. I very much appreciate your kindness and professionalism when working with us. It does not go unnoticed. I continue to look forward to working with you in the future..

Dori B.


Dear Ladies,

Just a note to say thank you for taking care of Evelyn during her last years. I know at times it may have been a challenge. We really appreciate all you did for her and wanted to say a Thank you very much!


Her sisters

Dear Rob & Timi

We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness during these difficult times. Even more importantly, we want to thank you for the loving and tender care you gave Robbye for seven months. We were so fortunate with Gods help and the Dobie road facility to find such a wonderful home and staff to take care of Robbye. Kris and I were at a point where we needed intervention and 24 hour care for his mom. We found the right place and the right people. 

The H. Family

To All Staff

Thank you for being so thoughtful. You can't imagine how much it's appreciated. God Bless you all. Thanks for the care and concern during my stay here.


Ben T.


Thank you for working with Sandra D's. family and TCOA with making a smooth transition for her as well as the family. As always you have been cheerful and always willing to help and offer extra emotional support. I really appreciate being able to work with you.



Rob, Timi and Staff

The flowers sent were beautiful and greatly appreciated. Thank you for all the things you did for dad.

The David B. Family


Thank you for working with us to get Mr. V. our of the nursing home and into Holt Friendly Home. I know he will thrive there and will likely be a character one won't soon forget. I appreciate your time and patience with making this happen. Happy Holidays and I look forward to our continued relationship.




Thank you for being so accomodatiing with Janet and her family. Jolene was insistant that Holt Friendly Home was the perfect setting for her as it would give her the feel of family and safety. Thanks for working with us. You're all so awesome!



To all my darling , supportive friends. Thank you for all your love and support you send my way! You are all so very special to my heart!



Thank you for the wonderful care you gave to my mother over the past four years. Your support and kindness especially during the last several weeks, is truly appreciated.

Joan B.

Dear Timi

Thank you so much for your understanding and support during this challenging time for Madonna! We appreciate you and Holt Friendly Home so much!

Warm regards,

Marilyn & Stan

Rob, Timi & Staff

Thank you for the beautiful flowers and your great care of our mother.

The W. family

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